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About Us

Our Story

It all started with a simple truth. Buying second-hand is more affordable. Thrifting and reselling started as a hobby, which quickly grew into something more. As we grew, so did the number of items we gave a second life to. We started to understand the second-hand power items can have on the environment. These are two undeniable truths in the second-hand industry that we believe in and would like to pass on to our customers. We would like to positively impact the environment and save you money while we do it.

Meet the Team


Andrew Grace

Born business savvy, Andrew always saw possibilities others may not have, and he recognized the secondhand market’s trends and opportunities. The industry’s affordability, sustainability, and the happiness it brings to others motivated Andrew to form and run LuxeGetup.


Lauren Banks

Lauren is the creative director for LuxeGetup, but so much more. Lauren helped create and even named LuxeGetup, and she has been here from the beginning helping us create what we are today.

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